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Peripheral Neuropathy, Balance and Falling

November 9th, 2018|

Can you explain how skin affects balance? It is commonly known that loss of joint range of motion in the foot, ankle, hip and spine can impact one’s balance1-3, especially when trying to walk across an uneven parking lot, the [...]

Walk like an Upside-Down Pendulum

June 12th, 2011|

The walk of the African water carriers inspired Ruthy Alon as she created Bones for Life. She shares seeing the easy grace with which these women moved under a load, as well as reading early research on their low bone [...]

Reviewing and Using Research

October 4th, 2010|

Americans perk up when they hear about the newest research findings, and yet, many of us have a love/hate relationship with research. Just when we change our lives to incorporate that oh-so-interesting-finding, another study is published that seems to contradict [...]

Total Joint Replacement: Hip and Knee

February 20th, 2008|

Over the last 40 years, and certainly most recently, advances in surgical techniques allow persons suffering from severe knee or hip pain to return to active lives through Total Joint Replacement (TJR). TJR is a surgical procedure in which arthritic [...]

Spine Surgery

February 19th, 2008|

Why Spine Surgery? Many conditions or dysfunctions of the spine may ultimately require spinal surgery. In these cases, bed rest, medications, physical therapy, bracing or other medical options may not have been successful or perhaps the condition is too severe [...]

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