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Most of our workshops are a great fit for the person who is seeking a healthier, happier life. In some cases the ability to get up and down from the floor will be a prerequisite. Please inquire if you have concerns about that or if you are struggling with significant health issues before registering.

Currently our most frequent programs are:

We feel it is important to create workshops where the layperson and the clinician can be in the same workshop and learning with each other. The artificial barrier between client and professional is not really not necessary in many cases. In an open, safe and enjoyable environment, collaborative discovery takes place that is far richer than when we isolate by labels.

Movement Intelligence workshops schedule

Bones for Life Immersion/Certification starting August, 2020
Cincinnati, Ohio
Sponsored by Future Life Now and Vitality Cincinnati
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Movement Intelligence by Ruthy Alon

Bones for Life® is a comprehensive movement-based program for the health of the skeletal system. These enjoyable, fast-acting movement processes are:

  • Intelligent fitness for safe and effective walking, running, weight training, dancing, yoga, Pilates, working in your garden, or cleaning your house.
  • Postural training from the inside out.
  • Personal ergonomics: Using yourself differently instead of just changing the environment.
  • Anti osteoporosis/osteoarthritis: To a large degree both of these dis-ease processes are driven by ineffective movement and postural habits. Bone and joint health begins with quality, dynamic movement stimulation.

Bones for Life® classes systematically coach alignment throughout the body so that pressure from the ground provides the skeleton maximum benefits and minimal damage over a lifetime of use.

Take it for vitality, power, posture, and yes bone health! Read more about Bones for Life®.
Hours: Refer to each individual location.

Integral Human Gaittm Theory Workshops

Gait – n. manner of moving on foot; way of walking or running.

Potential – n. that can, but has not yet, come into being; possible; latent; unrealized; undeveloped

Walking…more than just a functional outcome, can be an unsurpassed tool for improving your quality of life. This course advances beyond the traditional study of walking and teaching you to develop, bit-by-bit a pattern of gait that serves you and your unique structure for whatever you want to do in your life.

Gait for Wild Human Potential Workshop

Using the sensory learning platforms of the Feldenkrais Method®, Bones For Life®, and Somatic Functional Mobilization™ we discover the functional relationship between peripheral and spinal joints and their unique movement patterns. You will discover the interplay of pressure and alignment through use of the ground beneath your feet to answer these questions: What impact does gait have on my neck, shoulder and upper/lower back health? Why is gait so important in my health and relieving chronic pain patterns? Why walking is beneficial, only if it is balanced. In what ways does gait resonate with the rhythms of the body? You will experience how core alignment and activation helps you stand fully erect and aids you in powerful walking or running.

At the heart of the human experience, the “how” of walking shapes physical comfort, security, emotional well-being and happiness.

Daily Schedule and Learning Themes:

DAY 1 Ground Reaction Forces: The Relationship of Pressure and Alignment
DAY 2 The Re-organizing Power of Counter-Rotation
DAY 3 The Dynamic Interaction Between Posture and Gait

Days are sequential but you can choose day one only or the entire workshop.

Gait for Wild Human Potential

Gait for Wild Human Potential
Columbus, Indiana
October 9 – 11
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Restoring Postural Reflexes

Integral Human Gait:
Restoring Postural Reflexes
Phoenix, Arizona
Oct 30 – Nov 1
Elizabeth Keith: to learn more

Integral Human Gait™: Restoring Balance Reflexes Workshop

Vital and fundamental to life, your balance lies at the center of your ability to move safely and function independently. Optimal stability is usually associated with the ability to stand on one leg for a certain length of time or the involuntary and instantaneous ability to maintain a stable posture when challenged. The brain uses signals from our eyes, ears, ligaments, muscles, and spine, which choreographs a set of balance reflexes to control our muscles, right down to our toes. Balance or Postural Reflexes are a specific form of coordinated muscle activity and are our first line of defense against an unexpected destabilizing misstep, turn, push, or trip.

But what if there is a glitch in the automatic signal-response loop and the balance reflexes fail? The result, we fall. If we’re lucky, we might avoid fall-related injuries. But research indicates that most people are not so fortunate and go on to sustain a sprain, fracture, or head trauma. And most will go on to fall again in the next six months.

Integral Human Gait™: Restoring Balance Reflexes use the sensory learning platforms of the Feldenkrais Method® and Bones for Life®, to help the professional and the layperson both discover the cause and effect relationship between poor or absence patterns of movement and reflex activation.e workshop.