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Transforming sitting into walking

When gait is interrupted, the decline can be rapid and sometimes hard to reverse.

We all have clients where home walking has become unenjoyable, painful, and increasingly limited. The desire to be active and keep up with the grandchildren is there, but the capacity is illusive. You have tried putting them on a ball. You have attempted to do basic strength training. But this hasn’t made the difference you hoped it would.


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What if you could use sitting to transform walking?

The sitting position is often used for strength training and stretching, but did you know it can help transform your clients walking from painful and weak to good and great! 

This training will introduce you to somatic movement patterns that will help your patients evolve the process and function of walking while in the sitting position.  .

Target Audience

Join Carol Montgomery, MSPT

Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner and Co-Creator of Integral Human Gait™ theory.

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Cynthia Allen will join in for discussion and Q&A.

Session Objectives:

  • Compare and contrast your definition of midline to the brain’s interpretation of your midline.
  • Experience three somatic movement interventions that target the pelvic girdle, spine, and shoulder girdle to positively impact the kinematic gates needed to support a healthy gait pattern.
  • Examine and perform, on self, four assessment tasks that inform the professional (and client) how the nervous system interprets the availability and quality of spontaneous weight shift and the organic change in one’s Center of Mass (COM) needed during walking.
  • Discover how whole-body integration frees the nervous system to choose healthy gait patterns.
  • Get an exclusive opportunity  to study the Integral Human Gait theory with us online.
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