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Gait for Wild Human Potential Online Series | April 2022

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Walking, more than just a functional outcome. How you walk can be an unmatched evaluation tool for assessing the quality of life.

This course goes beyond the customary study of characteristics of stance and swing phases of gait. By using Integral Human Gait Theory™, we explore a comprehensive map that surpasses the existing knowledge in physical medicine, therapy, rehabilitation, and sports training. The “how” of walking drives physical comfort, emotional well-being, security, and happiness.

Using the sensory learning platforms of the Somatic Functional Mobilization™, Feldenkrais Method®, and Bones For Life®. you will study the interplay of alignment and pressure through ground reaction forces to answer the following questions:

  • What impact does gait have on the neck, shoulder, and upper/lower back health?
  • Why is walking beneficial only if it is balanced?
  • In what ways does gait resonate with the rhythms of the body


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NOTE: “Pay what you can” refers to those participants who are taking the class a second time and are eligible for a repeat discount of $395.  All others registering please pay the full price.  20% of your course fee is always donated to the non-profit. The fee includes an extensive PDF outlining the learning from the workshop and all movement explorations and interventions.  All sessions will be recorded and made available to download.


Access 20 hours of continuing education ~ now is the time to claim your space in our online world:

Sundays ~ April 17 – May 15

Hours are 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time/New York


Primary Instructor: Carol Montgomery, PT, MSPT, GCFP, STMI
Ancillary Instructor: Cynthia Allen, GCFP, STMI


Learning Objectives located at

Refund Policy: Workshop fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable unless the instructors cancel the workshop. Should that happen, your full payment will be refunded.







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