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As an integral organization, we are committed to understanding how the programs we offer benefit the world.  Here are a few of our projects:

Bones for Life® on Dynamic Balance and Functional Performance in Community Dwelling Adults Over Age 65. 
The City of Cincinnati’s Dunham Recreation Center Seniors partnered with Integrative Learning Center in this pilot study of 22 women and 3 men. The mean age was 75. Participants came to class for six weeks, once a week for 90 minutes. This study is in the process of being submitted for publication thus we are limited in the data we can share.  However, you might enjoy hearing the experience of the seniors in these videos. To learn more go to the following link: Bones For Life

Bones for Life for Seniors -  3 powerful minutes

Bones for Life: In The Words of Seniors - 10 minutes featuring more seniors talking

Can Integral Human Gait™ Theory Positively Impact someone wit a rotator cuff tear and scoliosis? 

Gait For Wild Human Potential Link 1 - Case Study: Gait as an Assessment and Intervention Tool
Published in 2008 we used Integral Human Gait theory with a middle-aged woman with scoliosis, internal fixation and a rotator cuff tear. Please take a look at our abstract and the client interview.

Judy - Case Study Link 2 - Case Study Results and Intervention Review: Judy
This link is designed to give a little more detail to those that are interested. In this post find:
  • Sketches of Functional Integration session elements;
  • Test results in graph format;
  • and Videos

Want to know more about issues relating to bone health and walking? Visit our Science & Somatics page, you will find articles written by our consulting instructors and a number of other resources.