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“I am finding my spine more flexible, my alignment better, my hips more level, my feet more in touch with the ground, my breathing deeper.”

Cindy Senefeld

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Walk Like an Up-Side-Down Pendulum

African women who carry loads on their head walk with greater efficiency and grace.

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Bones for Life®

The complete Bones for Life® program consists of 90 fast-acting and easy-to-learn exercise processes. The safe, weight-bearing movements challenge bones to be strong and sturdy while improving balance and coordination.

Bones for Life® is…

  • Intelligent fitness for safe and effective walking, running, weight training, dancing, yoga, Pilates, working in your garden, or cleaning your house.
  • Postural training from the inside out.
  • Personal ergonomics. Using yourself differently instead of just changing the environment.
  • Anti-osteoporosis/osteoarthritis. To a large degree both of these dis-ease processes are driven by ineffective movement and postural habits. Bone and joint health begins with quality, dynamic movement stimulation.

Upright posture is developed through simple tools that facilitate controlled resistance to pressure, like using a strip of cloth as a harness, pushing a wall, or lifting weights in a new way.

For the therapist/teacher, Bones for Life® provides a doorway for empowering students and patients for their own health and recovery. It benefits conditions such as osteoporosis, neck or back pain, joint challenges, compromised balance, and lethargy. The program also trains therapists in their own self-use and movement patterns, enabling health care professionals to engage dynamically in their profession longer and with greater ease.

Bones for Life® classes systematically coach alignment throughout the body so that pressure from the ground provides the skeleton maximum benefits and minimal damage over a lifetime of use.

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About Ruthy Alon, Bones for Life® Creator

Ruthy Alon was one of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ first students. (Dr. Feldenkrais was a pioneer in somatic education.) Alon is an accomplished senior trainer in the Feldenkrais Method® and has trained thousands of practitioners around the world. Alon is the author of Mindful Spontaneity and producer of the video, Movement Nature Meant.

Alon became inspired many years ago by the women of West Africa who carry heavy loads on their heads. Studies of their efficient gait (walk), low bone density, and low hip fracture rate caught her attention. Drawing on her vast understanding of human movement patterns and analyzing the West African load bearing gait, she shaped a program addressing the issues of healthy bones, uprightness and strength. Now in her 80s, Alon keeps a busy international schedule.

Here she is seen jumping in the harness. For this jump, the harness is used to wrap the joints, giving security to the hip joints and the spine in particular.